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Chanute Housing Improvement Program

The purpose of the Chanute Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) is to encourage and assist residents to upgrade the conditions of their homes along with coordination with the Chanute Land Bank to repair blighted properties.  This program is sponsored by the Chanute Regional Development Authority and the City of Chanute Land Bank.

Goals of CHIP:

  • Enhance the value and prolong the lifespan of homes
  • Improve the condition of houses in blighted neighborhoods
  • Preserve the history and culture of neighborhoods while implementing sustainable improvements
  • Inspire neighboring residents to reinvest in their community
  • Protect and rehabilitate the stock of affordable housing

Primary Objectives to repair privately owned properties:

  • Carpentry Repair windows and doors, install handrails, replace steps, make small floor and wall repairs
  • Electrical: Replace faulty outlets, switches, and light fixtures, do minor rewiring, install smoke detectors
  • Furnace/central air conditioner: Inspect and repair heating and cooling units
  • Plumbing: Unclog drains, repair toilets/faucets, replace water lines and heaters
  • Repairs to make a home accessible for a person with a disability
  • Repairs to any item that may affect your health or safety

Primary Objectives to repair Land Bank blighted properties:

  • Recapture abandoned or unoccupied housing while cleaning up blighted areas.
  • Rehabilitate and sell Land Bank properties to bolster the Chanute housing market
  • Eliminate health and safety hazards in older homes.
  • Expanding homeowner education programs and construction education programs.
  • Develop a strong volunteer base.


Chanute Housing Improvement Program Renovation Grant Application

Chanute Housing Improvement Program Renovation Revolving Loan Fund Application

For more information contact the CRDA at 620.431.5222 or